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Level 1
1 for $10.00
3 for $25.00
"The Cosmo"
This is our most basic tanning bed.
You can get a great tan with a Level 1 as long as you use it on a daily basis. Maximum Time 15 minutes

Level 2
1 for $14.00
3 for $35.00
"Dr. Muller Sonic"
This is a bit stronger than our Level 1 bed. It is also equipped with facial bulbs. You can get a great tan with this bed when you tan at least 2 days a week.
Maximum Tanning Time 15 minutes. 8% UVB

Level 3
1 for $18.00
3 for $45.00
"The Ergoline 450 Classic"
One of our most unique tanning beds ever.
This bed comes equipped with facial bulbs and high powered fan with its own on and off switches. This is a bigger more roomy bed equipped with Bronzing bulbs.
Maximum Tanning Time 20 minutes.

Level 4
1 for $23.00
3 for $58.00
"The Dr. Muller Orbit" or "The Onyx"
3% UVB, 48 LAMPS.
A European made bed by Dr. Muller has 4 high pressure facial lamps, 44 160w tanning lamps using a combination of VHR and VHO lamps for a faster deeper, darker and longer lasting tan with a shorter session. With the Level 4 bed you will get the greatest color ever.
Get a great tan while visiting only 1 or 2 times per week.
Maximum Tanning Time 12 minutes.

Other Services

Sun Capsule - VHR - Perfect Ten
Stand up tanning bed. Similar features to the Level 3 and Level 4 tanning Beds. It contains 54 160 Watt Premium tanning bulbs.
Maximum Tanning Time 10 minutes.

1 for $24.99
3 for $59.99
Mystic Tan - Tanning Booth
Mystic tan is a spray on cosmetic color Tan that is UV free, made with Water, Bronzer, Aloe Vera, and DHA. The Mystic tan is applied to your skin using a mystic spray booth. It sprays a fine mist of darkening agents that can cover your entire body. This gives you a very natural looking color for 5 - 7 days.

Teeth Whitening
Twilight Teeth - A teeth whitener that whitens your teeth while you tan!

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